Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Janne celebrates Easter

Sometimes when I am travelling I start to feel lonely. That is why I always try to make new friends. I met my newest friend this Easter. He was very quiet and didn't talk much. But I am very good at talking. So I talked enough for the entire Easter party. Here I am with my silent buddy, who I decided to call Eggbert.

Our food traditions in Sweden on Easter is kind of funny. Children get paper eggs filled with candy. (I got one too. Loved it!) Grown ups eat a fish we call "sill". (In english "herring".) Small pieces of grey fish that has been in some kind of sauce to get a sweet and sour taste. (I got some of that too. Did NOT love it. Definitely not frog food.)

This is me climbing in the birch branches we call "pÄskris". (Easter branches.) As you can see they are nicely decorated with colourful feathers. Much nicer to climb around in than the christmas tree. So if I should compare Easter to Christmas it will be 1-0 to Easter. Better climbing and more candy.