Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Janne presents Swedish traditions: 13 December Lucia


Today I would like to tell you all about a special Swedish tradition. It is called Lucia and is celebrated on the 13 of December each year. Originally this was a day to remember a saint called Lucia who lived in Sicily in Italy a very, very long time ago. Some people did bad things to her so the catholic pope decided to make her a saint.

Today in Sweden, we don't think about that too much. For us it is more a day to dress up small children in white gowns and make them carry electric candles and sing traditional Lucia and christmas songs. Afterwards we all eat "lussebullar" which is buns with saffron, gingerbread cookies and drink something warm.

Here you can see me in a traditional stjärngosse outfit. A stjärngosse means star boy in english. In a traditional Lucia parade you will also find gnomes and gingerbread men. It is all very strange and confused, but we really don't care since it is all a lot of fun and something to do while we wait for Santa Claus to bring us the presents at christmas.

Below you can see a very traditional Lucia parade with young women dressed in white carrying candles. They usually go to various places like retirement homes, hospitals and such and sing. Very nice.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Janne in the Christmas tree

Merry Christmas everyone!

No, I am just kidding. It's not Christmas yet but I am so eager. This week we decorated the Christmas tree in the LipFish office and I really got in the right mood. It's going to be so nice with all the presents, good food and happy children everywhere.

Here is some fresh news by the way. Next year, LipFish will have a small collection of Christmas clothes. All red and nice with Santa's reindeer on them. But as I said, not until next year. Oh, I can hardly wait...

Take care everyone.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

LipFish photoshoot


Today I went to a photoshoot with LipFish. It was very fabulous, as these things are. There were models, flashes, photographers, stylists, take-away food and a very very trendy feeling.

Here I am with the photographer called "Sorken".  A rather strange nick-name. It's Vole or Field-mouse in English. In the background we can see the model Alvin showing off clothes from next years collection.

It was a really nice place to sit at.

Flash and the frog! Wow, these things are huge!