Thursday, October 27, 2011

Merry Xmas, with Rudolph Reindeer

Wow, look at that bright Christmas red. But hey, it's Rudolph Reindeer with his red nose.

Janne: Hey Rudolph, how are you doing?

Rudolph: I'm fine. Being a model for these clothes are a lot easier than pulling Santas sleigh, I can tell you.

Janne: Tell me, have you stopped helping Santa deliver the Christmas presents now? Please, say that isn't true.

Rudolph: No Janne, you can be quite calm. Of course we will still visit all the children with Christmas presents, like we always do.  

Janne: Phew, that's good. Any advice to the children?

Rudolph: It is more fun to give than to receive. Take care and be nice.

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Warsaw - with Janne żaba


I have been to Warsaw. Look at the delicious food that they have. This is...tartre, I think it was called. It is like raw beef, vegetables and spices. Very nice.

But of course I wasn't there to eat. I was there to meet two fantastic ladies that is going to sell LipFish clothes and things in Poland. They were very kind to me so I suggest that you take a look at their nice website.

Here it is:

I wonder where I will go next time?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Istanbul - with Janne Kurbağa

I went to Istanbul in September to check on some new LipFish things and have a mini holiday. As usual, it was really nice. This time I even had time to see some of the famous buildings and eat genuine turkish food.

The famous Agya Sofya. Once a church, then a mosque and now a very interesting museum. Over 1000 years old. Impressive.

An enormous baklava. This is called a "carrot baklava" since it is shaped like a carrot. Tasted better than a carrot though.

 A rather dark picture of me in front of one of the Bosphorus bridges. Since it is a photograph you miss out on the fantastic lighting, which was changing all the time.

I really like Istanbul. If you get a chance to go there, don't miss it.


What a Kurbağa is? It is frog in turkish of course. :-)

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Wilma walrus

Wilma likes a lot of things. Crossword puzzles, reading books, vegan cooking. But she really, really, really hates dentists.

Janne: Hello Wilma. Why don't you like dentists?

Wilma: Because they are so scary. But mostly because they might tell me that I have holes in my teeth.

Janne: To change the topic, don't you think you should be more of a role model for the young children now that you are a LipFish animal?

Wilma: Oh, you are so right. Of course. Everybody should visit the dentist, at least once a year. But most of all you should take care and not eat sweets and drink soft drinks every day. In my family we only eat candy on Saturdays.

Janne: That's a good rule. And also good advice to everyone else out there. Take care.