Thursday, January 27, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Mickey Mosquito

He was really hard to get hold of since he travels a lot, but I finally managed to catch Mickey Mosquito for a short chat together.

Janne: Hello Mickey. How was your latest trip?

Mickey: Hi Janne. It was great. This time I went to the jungles of South America to visit some distant relatives. Man, do they have a lot of trees there or what?

Janne: What do you feel about being one of the animals in the next LipFish collection?

Mickey: I am a little nervous to be honest. I know that a lot of people don't like us mosquitos. We have a bad reputation for some reason.

Janne: Maybe because you suck blood? And leave those itching marks? And sound so annoying? And...

Mickey: Hey, I know I know I know... Don't rub it in, please. I am sorry, ok? It's not my fault that I have to suck blood. And I only take a very small bite. I don't hurt anyone on purpose. I promise.

Janne: I know Mickey. I was just pulling your leg. To be honest you are one of the nicest mosquitos I know.

Mickey: Thanks Janne, that was nice of you.

Janne: Finally, do you have anything you would like to tell the children out there?

Mickey: Be kind. Don't do bad things to others because then they get sad. You should make others happy! And travel a lot, because it's fun to see new things. Bye bye!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cakes from Belgium


Look at these pretty cakes. I bet that they are (were?) really tasty too. They were made by Katia and Maxim from Belgium. I am super-duper proud to have my very own cupcake. And I am amazed by all the love that went into these cakes. That love is truly returned from me. I can guarantee it.

I wish Maxim all the best now that he is off to school soon.

Big hugs!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Janne visits the Formex Fair in Stockholm

Hello everybody.

Today I visited the Formex Fair in the south of part of Stockholm Sweden. Actually, it is not far from the LipFish office. We even took the bus there. That's how close it is.

Well, the Formex Fair is one of Stockholms largest design fairs. You can find everything from children's clothing to kitchenware there. I always like to go there and look at all the pretty things. And to make new friends.

I also visited the booth where LipFish was displayed. It was really good-looking.

Here is a new jacket and beret that is coming soon. It is made of a special material that looks like denim, but it's actually very smooth and soft and cosy to wear.

What's this? Several small copies of me and my friend Doris as stroller toys. It'll be great to make small babies happy this autumn.

That's all for today. Take care!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Lola Ladybug

The third new animal in the spring/summer collection from LipFish is Lola Ladybug. Here's what I found out about her when we had a little chat earlier.

Janne: Hola Lola!

Lola: Hello Janne. ¿Cómo está?

Janne: Fine thanks. Tell me, how does it feel to be a part of the LipFish collection?

Lola: Spot on, if I am allowed to make a small joke. Abslutely fab.

Janne: Excuse me for asking but I have always wondered, do you know why you are called a ladybug? It is such a strange name.

Lola: Quite simple. I am a bug but most importantly I am a lady. Hence Ladybug.

Janne: Thank you so much for this interview. Do you have any final words for the children out there?

Lola: Hmmm, let me think about it... Oh, now I've got it! Have a lot of parties. I like parties. Party party!

Janne: That's it? Parties?

Lola: Yes. And invite lots of friends. And people you don't really know, to make them your friends. It is a good thing to know a lot of people. Friends are free you know.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Bella Butterfly

It's time for me meet another one of the animals in the new LipFish collection for spring and summer 2011. Second out is Bella Butterfly. A really cute and somewhat flirty butterfly. But with a heart of gold.

Janne: Hello Bella. How does it feel to be a part of the new LipFish collection?

Bella: Well you know, at first I thought, what took them so long? I mean, look at me. Have you ever seen something this cute and beautiful?

Janne: Well...

Bella: No silly, of course you haven't. But now I don't mind. The real stars always show up late, that's what I say.

Janne: Yes quite. But Bella, what do you like most about children?

Bella: Oooh, where should I start? I absolutely love children. They are so adorable and happy. They always smile and laugh when I fly by. Nothing warms your heart as much as when children laugh, don't you think?

Janne: Definitely. I think our time is running up. Do you have something you would like to say before we stop?

Bella: Yes I do. I would like to tell all children that they are all beautiful. We might look a little different but we are all beautiful. And loveable. Hugs and kisses to you all.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another fan - Senna from the Netherlands


I have got another fanmail - this time from Senna (in the picture). He lives in the Netherlands and seems to be quite happy in Doris' company. I hope that he likes us so much that he will wear us for many more years.

Thanks for the photo Senna. Love and hugs little dude!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Adam Ant

It's time for a new feature on this blog. I am going to interview all the animals in the new Spring/Summer collection 2011 from LipFish. First in line is an eager dude. He really wanted to be the first. The hard working and good natured Adam Ant.

Janne: Hello Adam, how does it feel to be a part of the new LipFish collection?

Adam: Thank you for asking. It feels great. About time that we small animals also got a collection of our own.

Janne: What do you like most about children?

Adam: I like children that learns how to clean up their toys and help around the house. If you do it like you're playing, it's a lot of fun! I promise.

Janne: Hmmm, I know that you work a lot, but what did you like to play when you were little?

Adam: Me and my siblings liked to play hide and seek. We also liked to compete. Who could carry a straw back to the ant hill fastest. Stuff like that...

Janne: Thank you very much for the interview. Do you have something you would like to add?

Adam: Yes, I would like to tell all the children out there to eat properly and grow up to be strong and smart.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. It's 2011. I wonder what this year will bring? Well, I know some things. New stuff from LipFish. Some exciting travels that I will go on. But so many other things are still there to be curious about.

Soon, I will begin to interview some of the animals in the new collection. So that you can see who they are before they appear in the shops. I just have to find them first, because they are so small. I guess I have to follow the buzz...

Are you getting curious? No worries. The presentations will come real soon. Stay tuned, as they say.