Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Big in Japan!

I am very happy to see that the LipFish bib with Doris the Monkey was especially selected for use in this Japanese commercial from Microsoft. We are always glad if Doris can contribute to a good mood.

Doris appears for two whole seconds, nine seconds into the film above. Enjoy!

(Many thanks to Wakako from BC Basics in Japan for sharing this with us.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Merry Xmas, with Rudolph Reindeer

Wow, look at that bright Christmas red. But hey, it's Rudolph Reindeer with his red nose.

Janne: Hey Rudolph, how are you doing?

Rudolph: I'm fine. Being a model for these clothes are a lot easier than pulling Santas sleigh, I can tell you.

Janne: Tell me, have you stopped helping Santa deliver the Christmas presents now? Please, say that isn't true.

Rudolph: No Janne, you can be quite calm. Of course we will still visit all the children with Christmas presents, like we always do.  

Janne: Phew, that's good. Any advice to the children?

Rudolph: It is more fun to give than to receive. Take care and be nice.

Check out the LipFish Christmas collection here.

Warsaw - with Janne żaba


I have been to Warsaw. Look at the delicious food that they have. This is...tartre, I think it was called. It is like raw beef, vegetables and spices. Very nice.

But of course I wasn't there to eat. I was there to meet two fantastic ladies that is going to sell LipFish clothes and things in Poland. They were very kind to me so I suggest that you take a look at their nice website.

Here it is:

I wonder where I will go next time?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Istanbul - with Janne Kurbağa

I went to Istanbul in September to check on some new LipFish things and have a mini holiday. As usual, it was really nice. This time I even had time to see some of the famous buildings and eat genuine turkish food.

The famous Agya Sofya. Once a church, then a mosque and now a very interesting museum. Over 1000 years old. Impressive.

An enormous baklava. This is called a "carrot baklava" since it is shaped like a carrot. Tasted better than a carrot though.

 A rather dark picture of me in front of one of the Bosphorus bridges. Since it is a photograph you miss out on the fantastic lighting, which was changing all the time.

I really like Istanbul. If you get a chance to go there, don't miss it.


What a Kurbağa is? It is frog in turkish of course. :-)

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Wilma walrus

Wilma likes a lot of things. Crossword puzzles, reading books, vegan cooking. But she really, really, really hates dentists.

Janne: Hello Wilma. Why don't you like dentists?

Wilma: Because they are so scary. But mostly because they might tell me that I have holes in my teeth.

Janne: To change the topic, don't you think you should be more of a role model for the young children now that you are a LipFish animal?

Wilma: Oh, you are so right. Of course. Everybody should visit the dentist, at least once a year. But most of all you should take care and not eat sweets and drink soft drinks every day. In my family we only eat candy on Saturdays.

Janne: That's a good rule. And also good advice to everyone else out there. Take care.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Steve Seal

Look, what a cute little toddler. It's Steve Seal. One of the new LipFish animals. I wonder what he has to say?

Janne: Hello Steve. How are you doing?

Steve: Great. And adorable of course.

Janne: Yes you are. You're such a cute little seal, aren't you? How do you like being on the LipFish clothes?

Steve: It's very fun. But I am a little worried that all the other animals will seem a little...boring now that I am one of the models. I mean, noone is as cute as me.

Janne: Let's hope that it works out somehow. Do you have any advice to the children out there?

Steve: Yes. Being cute is nice but being kind is better. Take care.

Janne: Good advice. Take care everyone.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby in a box


Today we had an outlet here at LipFish headquarters. Plenty of locals turned up to go crazy in our old collections. This is one of our visitors who was placed in one of the clothing bins by his mom when she had her hands full. Looks kind of cozy, don't you think? I almost felt like crawling in there too to take a nap.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

LipFish into new markets

This week something really exciting happened. LipFish signed contracts with two new markets. Germany and Poland. So, very soon I and Doris and all the other LipFish animals will be available in many, many new stores in central Europe.

I think this is amazing. What an opportunity to meet so many more children. So, from me to you - Hallo and Dzień dobry.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Olaf Orca

Olaf used to be a superstar at a public aquarium. Janne wanted to know how it feels like to once again swim into the limelight.

Janne: Hello Olaf. What have you been up to after your retirement?

Olaf: Oh not much. Eating and swimming mostly.

Janne: That sounds a bit boring. Or?

Olaf: Not really. You know, when you reach a certain age the thrill of doing hard trick or the attention from the audience gets a little...mundane. Not it feels great to just relax. This modelling gig for LipFish was a nice break though.

Janne: That's fun to hear. Any last words for the children?

Olaf: Brush your teeth. Every day. All of them. Once in the morning and once before going to bed. Because what would you do without teeth? Take care.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Paula Polar Bear

Paula has a reputation as being the laziest Polar Bear that ever lived. Janne hook up with her to talk about LipFish.

Janne: Hello Paula. Is it true that you are as lazy as they say?

Paula: Well you know Janne, I just don't like to do boring stuff. Cleaning up and doing chores is very, very, very boring.

Janne: Can't argue with you there Paula. But you can't play all the time, can you?

Paula: Why not? I mean, this here LipFish thing, that was like playing. It was work and play and very much fun. Posing a little for some clothes and everyone was very nice to me. If you ask me, I should be on every LipFish garment from now on. I would like that.

Janne: Hmm, we'll see about that. But I think it is time for our final question. Do you have any tips out there for the children?

Paula: I know that you can't play all the time. But if you make boring things into a play, then they turn into fun.

Janne: A good tip Paula. Thanks and take care. And please clean up in here.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Peter Penguin

At last, the new collection from LipFish has arrived. The theme this autumn is a cool one - polar party. And which animal would be the best to start interviewing? The well dressed gentleman Peter Penguin of course.

Janne: Hello Peter, why are you penguins always so fancy?

Peter: Well Janne, we penguins think it is important to make a good impression on others. And there is nothing wrong with dressing up. Then you get a little more respect you know.

Janne: How does it feel to be a part of the new LipFish collection?

Peter: It was a bit unexpected to be honest. People seem to forget us polar animals sometimes. We have a reputation as being a bit too cool and that we smell of fish. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are a really happy gang that like to play pranks on each other.

Janne: Pranks?

Peter: Yes, for example me and my penguin friends often switch clothes with each other. Noone else seems to notice though. Strange.

Janne: Very strange. This is the last question: do you have any advice to all the children out there?

Peter: Yes. Even though it is important to dress well you should remember that the really important thing is who you are on the inside. Clothes are nice but your personality is nicer.

Janne: Wise words. Thank you Peter.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Preview from Paris

Look here! It is a photo from the latest fair in Paris - capital of fashion. And here we are, me and all my new friends from the new collection. The theme is still a little bit of a secret but maybe you can guess what it is?

Big hugs

Monday, July 11, 2011

Herman thinks about safety


In Sweden, we are very aware and concerned about safety. Especially when it comes to the children. Which is nice. Noone likes to get hurt you know.

So I got very glad to see that Herman from Sweden is caring for his safety, even though he is just four years old. That's the spirit!

Many thanks to Herman and his mom Tove for sharing the moment. If you want to see more, they have a blog of their own called Blog the baby at

Many safe hugs

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Midsummer in Sweden


Last Friday, June 24, was Midsummers Eve in Sweden. It is a really old tradition where people get together with their friends and relatives. Usually, everyone leaves the cities and go out in the countryside and celebrate the longest day of the year. Well, the day when there is sunshine the longest. In some parts of Sweden it is sunshine the whole day and the whole night. It is called midnightsun and is a large tourist attraction.

Common things to do on Midsummers Eve are:

  • Raise a Midsummer Pole. You put leaves and flowers on a long pole and erect it somewhere. Then you dance around it. The music is mostly old childrens songs and folk music. 
  • Eat traditional food. In Sweden that is most often "sill" (pickled herring) and potatoes. With that, there is the "snaps". And of course you sing some "snapsvisor". 
  • Barbecue and party as usual. 

I myself had a really good time by the Midsummer Pole. There is this song called "små grodorna" which means "the small frogs". Perfect for me. I danced it over and over and over until my head spun.

After that, I did a really good job of turning some good meat to coal on the barbecue.

Bye bye!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lots and lots of Janne Groda

We got a package today. From China. With loads of mini-versions of me! But it looks really really crowded there in that vacuum packed bag. Nonetheless, everyone of my small clones is smiling. As we always do. And who can avoid smiling in my company? Consider then if there is hundreds of me stuffed together.It's a veritable smiling party.

These stroller toys will be available for purchase this summer and autumn, depending on where you live.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mail from Marky

Look at this cool dude. It's Marky, from Essex in England. His mom Danielle says that he likes his LipFish clothes. That's always great to hear. We wouldn't like to make bland and uncomfortable clothes. That just wouldn't do!

Marky even has a blog of his own, although I suspect that Danielle might be helping him a little bit. There was a whole lot of things for young toddlers on it.

Keep up the good work Marky. Don't be a stranger.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art from Denmark

Today I got a mysterious package in the mail. From Denmark. Hmm, I thought, who do I know in Denmark? Well, it turned out that the package was from a new friend and not an old one.

These marvellous paintings came from Lise Højer. It's the baby dinosaur Boing Boing and Lola Ladybug! Turns out, both she and her children adore us. Well let me tell you Lise, we adore you just as much right back. You have created great art and really stunning portraits.

I will send an answer to your fabulous letter real soon.

P.S Lise have a website of her own. Check it out -

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday greeting to a very special someone

This is Maxim, who had his third birthday yesterday. Maxim and his mom really likes the LipFish clothes and we send our love right back to you.

Happy Birthday Maxim! We hope that there will be many, many more.

By the way, June 6 is also the National Commemoration Day in Sweden. So one could say that you share your birthday with a whole country. Aint that neat? Hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra, as we cheer in Swedish.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chinese celebrities choose LipFish


I got news from China. My rabbit friend Rico is very popular there since this is the year of the Rabbit. So he is very much in demand over there. Now he has even become a little famous himself since a very very famous person chose to dress their baby in LipFish garments for the media shoot.

Everyone from the LipFish family sends their love and hopes for a long and succesful life.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Janne went to Paris

Paris in the spring. Isn't that a song or something? A poem? Well, anyway, I went to Paris for a little mini holiday. And it was great. Great food. Nice people. Famous buildings.

By the way, I know that they serve a horrible horrible dish in France - but I still have my legs!

The most famous Parisian structure - the Eiffel tower. I couldn't believe it was so small. Look, I am almost as tall! Just kidding.

The Louvre. Way to many people wanted to see the Mona Lisa though. So I skipped it. 

Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. On the highest hill in Paris. Here I was very tired in my frog legs.

The fountain of the artist Igor Stravinsky. I really liked his colourful sculptures. They reminded me of my LipFish friends.

That's all for this time. Take care.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Janne on Facebook

Hello everyone. I have been looking around the Internet and found this really cool place called Facebook. What? Have you already heard about it? What? Have you been there for ages? What? Why haven't you told me before?

Anyways. I made this "fan page" there or what they call it. Please join and we can meet there too.

Here is the link:

Of course this blog will still be here. There is a time and place for everything.

Warm hugs

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rippufishu - リップフィッシュ


I was just surfing the net tonight and look what I found. Some of the LipFish clothes on a Japanese website. Nothing strange about that. But on top of the page I found LipFish transcribed into Japanese, and apparently it is pronounced Rippufishu! I love it.

Big love to all of you in Japan. Everyone in the LipFish-family hope that things will turn to the better for you.

Domo Arigato.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Janne goes to Hongkong

Hello everyone!

I have been away on an amazing trip halfway around the world to Hongkong. Boy, it was a looooong flight - but it was worth it. I got to see a fantastic city, meet nice people and also took some time to travel inside the "real" China. Here, take a look at these pictures I took.

The Hongkong skyline. They have some really high buildings there.

In China, the food was really really nice. Except for one dish. Frog legs!!! I was SO upset!

This is me in Shenzhen, China. They had a lot of cars there. A lot. It was a really big city.

Even at the hotel you couldn't see the end of the city. It was huge.

This is the shop of Cosmo Beebies in Hongkong. ( Here you can buy stuff from LipFish.

Look! Here I am. Waiting for a new friend.

And here is Christina, the very nice owner of Cosmo Beebies. If you ever go to Hongkong, be sure to visit the store. They had some very nice things there.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Greetings from Germany - Jättefint

Jättefint is the Swedish word for supernice. It is also the name of a clothing store in Cologne, Germany. I got an e-mail from the owner Johanna Gruber. She said she was really pleased when the LipFish clothes were on display.

I think it looked great too. It always makes me glad when other people get happy.

Doesn't it look charming? It makes me want to step right in and shop until I drop!

A dinosaur shirt, waiting for someone to play with.

The LipFish squirrel playing with adorable German children.

Thank you very much for the nice e-mail Johanna. Keep up the good work.

Here is the Jättefint website:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Coco Chameleon

Aaaaand after a long wait I am proud to present the last animal from the new collection. And here it is - Coco Chameleon! But are not a bug? What is this?

Coco: What do you mean, not a bug? Of course not, I am a chameleon.

Janne: Yes I can see that but all the other animals were bugs...

Coco: Yes, and I am a chameleon and I am really cute too so I get to be in the collection.

Janne: I understand. It feels like you are really happy to be a part of it.

Coco: Oh yes I am. I have waited for such a long time to be a LipFish animal. I had almost given up but now it is a dream come true. It must be karma.

Janne: You know that we always ask the animals if they have any advice to children. What do you want to say?

Coco: I would like to say that you should never change who you are just because everybody else seems different. We are all different and we are all very special. So just be yourself. Never forget that.

Janne: Thank you very much Coco. See you around.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doris goes to Berlin

I got an e-mail from Doris. She took a short break from the work at the LipFish office and went to Berlin. Apparently it was just as trendy and cool as everyone says. Although the weather was a little boring.

Here she is (almost) in front of the Fernsehturm (Berlin TV tower). If you look really close you should be able to see it in the background. That's Doris, not very good at the tourist pictures, but always happy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Sarah Spider

Sarah Spider was too busy surfing the web, so we had to make this interview via a chat channel. But anyway, here it is.

Janne: Hello Sarah. Have you found any good websites lately?

Sarah: Oooh, lots and lots and lots. But I mostly hang out on Facebook these days. You know, to keep in contact with my kids. All 4632 of them.

Janne: That sounds great Sarah. You know, you are one of the new characters in the coming LipFish collection. What do you think about that?

Sarah: I couldn't be any happier. You know, many people don't like us spiders. They think we are a bit scary. But LipFish shows that we are just as cute and cuddly as any other animal.

Janne: Good to hear. I won't keep you away from your web browsing anymore. Any final words for all the children out there?

Sarah: Oooh yes. I have so many children of my own and I have always told them to look out for each other. Take care of their brothers and sisters and all their friends. And to watch out for big big stomping shoes.

Janne: Thank you very much for that. Don't get too caught in the web now...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Mickey Mosquito

He was really hard to get hold of since he travels a lot, but I finally managed to catch Mickey Mosquito for a short chat together.

Janne: Hello Mickey. How was your latest trip?

Mickey: Hi Janne. It was great. This time I went to the jungles of South America to visit some distant relatives. Man, do they have a lot of trees there or what?

Janne: What do you feel about being one of the animals in the next LipFish collection?

Mickey: I am a little nervous to be honest. I know that a lot of people don't like us mosquitos. We have a bad reputation for some reason.

Janne: Maybe because you suck blood? And leave those itching marks? And sound so annoying? And...

Mickey: Hey, I know I know I know... Don't rub it in, please. I am sorry, ok? It's not my fault that I have to suck blood. And I only take a very small bite. I don't hurt anyone on purpose. I promise.

Janne: I know Mickey. I was just pulling your leg. To be honest you are one of the nicest mosquitos I know.

Mickey: Thanks Janne, that was nice of you.

Janne: Finally, do you have anything you would like to tell the children out there?

Mickey: Be kind. Don't do bad things to others because then they get sad. You should make others happy! And travel a lot, because it's fun to see new things. Bye bye!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cakes from Belgium


Look at these pretty cakes. I bet that they are (were?) really tasty too. They were made by Katia and Maxim from Belgium. I am super-duper proud to have my very own cupcake. And I am amazed by all the love that went into these cakes. That love is truly returned from me. I can guarantee it.

I wish Maxim all the best now that he is off to school soon.

Big hugs!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Janne visits the Formex Fair in Stockholm

Hello everybody.

Today I visited the Formex Fair in the south of part of Stockholm Sweden. Actually, it is not far from the LipFish office. We even took the bus there. That's how close it is.

Well, the Formex Fair is one of Stockholms largest design fairs. You can find everything from children's clothing to kitchenware there. I always like to go there and look at all the pretty things. And to make new friends.

I also visited the booth where LipFish was displayed. It was really good-looking.

Here is a new jacket and beret that is coming soon. It is made of a special material that looks like denim, but it's actually very smooth and soft and cosy to wear.

What's this? Several small copies of me and my friend Doris as stroller toys. It'll be great to make small babies happy this autumn.

That's all for today. Take care!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Lola Ladybug

The third new animal in the spring/summer collection from LipFish is Lola Ladybug. Here's what I found out about her when we had a little chat earlier.

Janne: Hola Lola!

Lola: Hello Janne. ¿Cómo está?

Janne: Fine thanks. Tell me, how does it feel to be a part of the LipFish collection?

Lola: Spot on, if I am allowed to make a small joke. Abslutely fab.

Janne: Excuse me for asking but I have always wondered, do you know why you are called a ladybug? It is such a strange name.

Lola: Quite simple. I am a bug but most importantly I am a lady. Hence Ladybug.

Janne: Thank you so much for this interview. Do you have any final words for the children out there?

Lola: Hmmm, let me think about it... Oh, now I've got it! Have a lot of parties. I like parties. Party party!

Janne: That's it? Parties?

Lola: Yes. And invite lots of friends. And people you don't really know, to make them your friends. It is a good thing to know a lot of people. Friends are free you know.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Bella Butterfly

It's time for me meet another one of the animals in the new LipFish collection for spring and summer 2011. Second out is Bella Butterfly. A really cute and somewhat flirty butterfly. But with a heart of gold.

Janne: Hello Bella. How does it feel to be a part of the new LipFish collection?

Bella: Well you know, at first I thought, what took them so long? I mean, look at me. Have you ever seen something this cute and beautiful?

Janne: Well...

Bella: No silly, of course you haven't. But now I don't mind. The real stars always show up late, that's what I say.

Janne: Yes quite. But Bella, what do you like most about children?

Bella: Oooh, where should I start? I absolutely love children. They are so adorable and happy. They always smile and laugh when I fly by. Nothing warms your heart as much as when children laugh, don't you think?

Janne: Definitely. I think our time is running up. Do you have something you would like to say before we stop?

Bella: Yes I do. I would like to tell all children that they are all beautiful. We might look a little different but we are all beautiful. And loveable. Hugs and kisses to you all.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another fan - Senna from the Netherlands


I have got another fanmail - this time from Senna (in the picture). He lives in the Netherlands and seems to be quite happy in Doris' company. I hope that he likes us so much that he will wear us for many more years.

Thanks for the photo Senna. Love and hugs little dude!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Janne meets the new animals from LipFish: Adam Ant

It's time for a new feature on this blog. I am going to interview all the animals in the new Spring/Summer collection 2011 from LipFish. First in line is an eager dude. He really wanted to be the first. The hard working and good natured Adam Ant.

Janne: Hello Adam, how does it feel to be a part of the new LipFish collection?

Adam: Thank you for asking. It feels great. About time that we small animals also got a collection of our own.

Janne: What do you like most about children?

Adam: I like children that learns how to clean up their toys and help around the house. If you do it like you're playing, it's a lot of fun! I promise.

Janne: Hmmm, I know that you work a lot, but what did you like to play when you were little?

Adam: Me and my siblings liked to play hide and seek. We also liked to compete. Who could carry a straw back to the ant hill fastest. Stuff like that...

Janne: Thank you very much for the interview. Do you have something you would like to add?

Adam: Yes, I would like to tell all the children out there to eat properly and grow up to be strong and smart.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. It's 2011. I wonder what this year will bring? Well, I know some things. New stuff from LipFish. Some exciting travels that I will go on. But so many other things are still there to be curious about.

Soon, I will begin to interview some of the animals in the new collection. So that you can see who they are before they appear in the shops. I just have to find them first, because they are so small. I guess I have to follow the buzz...

Are you getting curious? No worries. The presentations will come real soon. Stay tuned, as they say.