Monday, October 20, 2014

No Photoshop here

OMG! OMG! Oh My God! Danny is on the  cover of "Parents" magazine! I talked to him this saturday when we met over a cup of hot chocolate. This is what he had to say about this very exciting news: 

Yeah, it was no ordinary day. We had to go up at four in the morning to get to make-up in time. Took about an hour or so to get ready and then it was time for hair. Lots of styling products. Greasy is an understatement of my hairdo that day but MAN did I look good in the pic! 
After hair it was a long time when nothing happened. We drank coffe and just hung around the set. All the photoshoot guys was checking the light and changed the place around. At three in the afternoon we finelly got ready to start shooting. They took around 100 frames before calling it a shut. And if I say (don't wanna brag or anything) I seriously look stunning in this photo. Of course it got on the cover. 

Thank's, Danny, for this summery of your day. So amazing to see him on the cover.  
And you do look good in pink. 

Well readers, have a happy monday! /Janne

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